The concept of recycling is an environmental protection concept proposed this year to protect the natural environment. Circulation refers to the process of turning waste materials into reusable materials. It is different from reuse because reuse only refers to reuse of a product. Where the concept of recycling is put forward, all sectors of society have responded. However, with the passage of time, this concept has gradually been ignored. Most people know the word recycling, but they do not know what recycling is. Using recyclable bins as a starting point, our project photographed the interior of recyclable bins in many areas and identified non-recyclable wastes that were discarded in recyclable bins. We made the material into a video, hoping that this video will make people notice that today’s recyclable trash cans are no different from normal trash cans. We also hope that this video will attract people’s attention to the concept of garbage classification and recycling. Now recycling has largely become a sham that pretends to be just, that is, many people think they have been classified as garbage, but in fact because of the lack of knowledge about recycling and garbage classification. People often think that they misclassify garbage and cause recycling bins to be contaminated with non-recyclable garbage. Therefore, how to make people know more about recycling and garbage classification has become a serious problem that needs to be solved. Because the variety of rubbish is too complicated, it is impossible to let everyone know whether each kind of garbage is recyclable. But if you accidentally put unrecyclable garbage into a recyclable trash can, even a small amount of garbage will contaminate the entire trash can and make recycling meaningless. In our constant investigation and exploration, we find that modern goods are basically packaged. The packaging of some products has a circular logo, but this logo actually brings more confusing information to the public. Because garbage will be classified as different types when it appears in different states, that is, the garbage generated by products marked with recyclable signs may not be completely recyclable. For example, a beverage cup is recyclable, but if the beverage cup is also filled with drinks, it should not be thrown into a recyclable garbage can. We found that most foods are marked with caloric indices and other ingredients on the packaging, and product manufacturers can also be more specific when packaging products to indicate whether the product may produce different garbage recycling. In addition, our project calls attention to the difference between recycling and reuse. Many people discard furniture, toys, books, and clothing that are not used in their homes in recyclable garbage bins. In fact, the value of these items that can be reused is much greater than the value of recycling. We call on people to donate these things to people in need or give them or sell them to others on second-hand websites. We hope that this project can slightly improve the current recycling system so that the concept of recycling can better help people protect the environment.


I was struck by the film. At the beginning of the magnificent water flow let me feel surging water and dry desert let me feel sad. The dry river is like dead wood. The aerial camera is very beautiful but I feel sad from it. Human beings have used water resources for the development of their own civilization. But I don’t really believe in this documentary. This documentary is only a part of a group of people. It uses artistic techniques to infect the audience and allow the audience to accept its own theory. I admit it’s a very good film, with good shooting and narrative. However, I do not want to be superstitious to the seemingly authoritative theory presented in this film. This film only believes that human activities have affected the water environment and avoid other conditions that affect the water environment. Besides, doesn’t human civilization need to develop? It’s not. The protection of the natural environment and the development of human civilization is not a matter of choosing one, but of constantly balancing to achieve win-win results. I admit I was moved by the film, which was successful, but the documentary was not entirely authoritative. It is true that we need to protect the natural environment and protect the water environment, but it does not mean that the development of human civilization is wrong. Balancing the two is something we have to keep working on.

Vsar313-Prix Pictet

I like this piece of Hong Hao best. This work looks very abstract and is made up of some geometric figures. But readers can see that these simple geometries are cross-sections of some of the items around them. This idea is very unique and the form of creation is also very novel. It is very closely related to the subject. This is a microcosm of our daily consumption, and the obvious things around us are proof that people are involved in consumption. All the items on the screen are closely arranged together, giving people a feeling of tension and not very soothing. Such visual stimuli are necessary. It is not hard to feel that we are inseparable from consumption, the frequency of consumption. So this is a very successful work, a winner in my heart. Of course, it is only my personal opinion. Everyone’s opinions are different. I am moved by this group of works and think they are better than other works. The task of the group has taught me a lot. The team members got along very well. Everyone has different views on the same theme and the same picture. We exchange ideas and enrich our ideas with the opinions of others. This helps to expand your thinking.